Team Members "support" each other throughout the game "Changing Styles".

Changing Styles is an "event" in the overall play of the games. It is solely based around a movie and as the title say, the movie changes styles.

The Play of the GameEdit

First the Ref gathers suggestions from the audience. Common suggestions are: 

  • Movie Genres (i.e. Comedy, Romance, Horror, Action, Drama, Musical, ect.)
  • Accents (i.e. Swedish, Russian, German, Italian, French, British, New York, ect.)
  • Places (i.e. Spain, Brazil, Canada, Japan, ect.)

After gathering up anywhere from 5-15 suggestions, the Ref cues the team to start acting out their movie. At any given time, the Ref will blow his whitle and shout out the next suggestion which the players then have to incorperate into their movie. When the team incorperates a new suggestion they are able to drop a previouly stated suggestion, but they can carry it on if they like. For example, if the Movie Genre horror was called, then one of the team members is fully able to pretend that they are secretly a giant praying mantis. But if romance was called right after that, the praying mantis could secretly be in live with another character, or something of that nature.