At the start of a ComedySportz game, the referee is to flip a coin to decide which team chooses the opening head-to-head game of the match.

However, the referee is to always say that he/she forgot to bring a coin or doesn't have one, so to decide the "coin toss," a player from each team (usually the captains) play a game known as Rock, Paper, Scissors, Infinity.

The rules are simple.

1. Each Player has 3 seconds to strike any pose they wish.

2. The referee looks at each pose and asks the players to justify their pose.

3. Each player will, in turn, state what they are or what they were doing to get in that pose.

4. Deciding by audience applause, the more powerful choice (more creative) wins.

5. The winning player may then choose the opening head-to-head game.

Note that this game does not earn your team points, but it only allows you to choose a game to play, which is a moot point, since all games are planned out before the show begins.