Two players mimicking each other while playing "Try That On for Size"

"Try That On For Size" is a game that was created by the students of ComedySportz Los Angeles at their annual Summer Improv Theatre Camp in 2009.

It is a combination of "What Are You Doing?" and solo "Freeze Tag" in which two players try to come up with as many justifications for the same physical action as possible. The first one who cannot think of a new justification is "out."

The play goes as follows. After a suggestion is taken from the audience, the so-far-winning team member does an action based on the suggestion. For instance, if the suggestion were 'cheer-leading' then the action could be a high-kick. Both players have to contionously repeat that action untill the game is over. The first play starts off be saying the initial suggestion while adding the phrase "try that on for size" to the end of the suggestion. Going back to the cheerleading example, the first person would say something along the lines of, "I'm cheerleading, try that on for size!" The second player then uses continues to repeat the action and shouts out another explanation of the action. For instance "I'm breaking in my new underware, try that on or size!" The play goes back and forth with both players thinking of different explanations.